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Practical Shamanism eBook & mp3 |

Practical Shamanism eBook & mp3


A common human feature is a belief that we are unlovable, unworthy and incapable. Divine connection in the form of personal Spirit Guides are teachers, healers and loved ones with whom we co-create our dream of life. My dream for our planet is that we heal our wounds, find our passions, and share our joy.

Shamanism is my passion and my life’s work of service. Through the practice of shamanism I am able to heal my own wounds, and it is my joy to share this process with others. It is through the practice of shamanism and the use of its most powerful tool, the journey, that transformation occurs. It is my hope that this book assists each reader in their own healing and in living their life holy. In this way we will heal the world.

We are living at a crossroads in history. An ancient Hopi story tells us that “we are the ones” – the generation the world has been waiting for. What Jung called the “collective unconscious” has transmuted into the “collective conscious,” and we are at the jumping-off place into another phase of evolution. We have access to the old teachings and the new ways of communication. We needn’t be constrained by dogma, but can draw forth its wisdom. What we do, think, say, and feel – all of us, individually and collectively – can make a great difference. By using shamanic journey practice as a tool of accessing our built-in guidance system, we can ensure that the difference we make brings us closer to Spirit. You do not need to become a shaman in order to practice shamanism, just as you do not have to be a priest in order to practice Catholicism.  Shamanism is a path of wisdom that everyone can walk.

Spirit wants us to be happy, fulfilled, and whole. In the journey process we are connected to the deep unconscious and are able to receive guidance from our personal spirit guides and allies. We bring Spirit into matter and matter into Spirit. May you find this process useful in your life.

Aho, Shiela

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“Practical Shamanism encourages each of us to find our unique spiritual path and offer a person guide. A  powerful and inspiring book!”  –Cynthia Kersey, Author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women

“No matter what path you follow, this book will help you deepen your connection with inner guidance and move swiftly on your journey of healing.” –James Jarvis, Author of Inner Planets, Outer Guidance

Product Details

  • ISBN- 1-4196-1114-3
  • Publisher: Shamanic Institute of the Northwest
  • Publication date: 2005
  • Pages: 247

For more information, contact Shiela at 206 903 9404 or email shiela@shamanweaver.com.

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