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Shamanic Meditation

“The key to happiness is inner peace,” The Dali Lama.

Life today is chaotic and fast paced. Shamanic meditation is a bridge from frenzy to focus.

Gentle guidance, song and drum lead you to your sacred sanctuary, safe from external pressures. Your personal power animal, a spirit guide waits there with answers and solutions. A faint drumbeat resonates as you find respite.

Guided imagery, music, voice and monotonous drum beats allow the mind to quiet so insights are heard above the din of daily life. In this relaxed state you can experience transformation, spiritual, emotional and physical growth, new ways of perceiving and behaving. No longer responding in old ways we create happiness in spite of our hectic pace.

Spiritual guidance and peace are the gifts of shamanic meditation. Consciously set an intention and gain insights. In shamanic meditations we experience relief from trauma and carry those experiences into everyday life.  Meditation is a mental discipline included in the practice of many world religions, although Shamanism is not a religion. Mystical meditation is practiced by Shamans around the world as an important part of their daily life to gain self-knowledge and aid their community.

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The Shaman enters non-ordinary reality through a meditative journey process. The goal of meditation is to achieve mystical states of consciousness. Shamans are keepers of ancient healing knowledge. They were storytellers passing on the traditions and history of their people. Shamanic traditions predate recorded history.

In Shamanic mediation guided imagery leads you to your comfortable, safe place. In this sanctuary awareness provides an unusual experience: your birthright, a life of grace and ease. Our imagination is home to creative thought. Connection with Spirit brings a playful creative focus.

Anything is possible in the Shaman’s realm of non-ordinary reality. This is the realm of creative innovative thinking and imagining. With the power of guided imagery, rhythm and intention access deeper levels of consciousness. Therein lay creative answers to life’s important questions. With access to this vast well of knowledge we relax, self-assured in our ability to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

In shamanic meditations we experience relief from trauma and carry that into our everyday life. The mind is more calm reducing stress and the body responds by lowering the blood pressure and allows for more restful sleep.

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See A Shaman

When you are:
In transition
Recovering from:
Auto accident
Breaking a habit
Having bad luck
Feeling unfulfilled

Ready to:
Move forward
Heal physically
Heal emotionally
Heal spiritually

Benefits of Yoga

Increase flexibility
Strengthen muscles
Experience more calm
Increase concentration
Alter your mood
Relieve symptoms of asthma, back pain, and arthritis
Relieve insomnia
Increase spiritual awareness

Promote Peace

Meditation helps you:
Be happy
Find relief from trauma
Gain insight
Answer questions
Regenerate the senses
Recognize potential
Live peacefully
React creatively