It’s more than autumn. Can you feel? Baby, can you feel it?

The trees seem to be holding on tightly to their leaves, reluctant to end the short tumultuous summer. Yet, time marches on.

Autumn is harvest time, whether you planted real plant seeds or seeds in your imagination. Nine months into your year, it’s time to review what you intended in January.

It’s time to take stock, literally. At this time of year in the ancient past that was what was happening and it’s time to do it again. Draw the old traditions back. What a beautiful time to do just that. Now, right now.

The last few months of this year can be your happiest, most prosperous and fulfilling. How?

There are a number of ways. My most favorite and the one that my students and clients benefit most from is shamanic journeying. I call it InnerVisioning. The most important and powerful ability of the shaman is this ability to drop into a space where images, sounds, and unusual things happen.

At this moment in time, turning back to what and how our ancestors did life is vital and important. They had a powerful respect for nature and alignment with the physical world. From this reverence for life, all of life, they lived at one with their environment.

Our conveniences become our addiction and our isolation, and our disconnection. As we are experiencing, life is ever more frantic.

Modern science has proven that when you take 20 minutes a day in nature your blood pressure drops, your mood improves and attitude shifts. Who doesn’t want that?

We want it, yet we avoid it. More than the plague! The crazy busy disconnected antagonistic life we have created has no space for caring for our selves or one another. We lost our understanding of our interdependence with Nature and each other.

And, now, time for something completely new and different. Let me suggest that it’s time for each and every one of us to stop, take a breath and reprioritize. This powerful reset is what will save you. From constant movement to a moment of calm. Whew.

Then you know what is important to you. When you understand that family is the number one thing in life your actions reflect that. When you understand that money is the number one thing in life, your actions reflect that. There are times when your number one changes and that’s all right.

In the midst of all the chaos, you have a unique opportunity to drop into that same space that ancient shamans did. It’s amazingly simple, easy and effective. I know, ’cuz I’ve been doing and teaching this for decades.

Just like a shaman, you can access the quantum field of infinite potential. Anyone can!

Let me tell you how. The first thing to do is cleanse your home environment by smudging, that is lighting a sage stick and moving around your house letting the smoke get into every corner. Then you cleanse yourself with a shower or bath. Call in the directions setting sacred space, if you’re unsure how, just light a candle. OR get my Sacred Drumming mp3 where I set sacred space for you.

For the journey you need a blanket, an eye covering, a journal and a pen, these become your sacred objects. I like to lie down so my body is supported and I love a cozy blanket so I’m warm enough. Sometimes when I journey I get cold.

So, now, you’re smudged up, cleaned up, and ready to go. Before you do, let me give you some tips. You have a reptilian part of your brain, it wants you above all, to be safe and not do new scary things. Everything is scary to the reptilian brain. Yikes!

This means that when in your journeys you cascade over a waterfall you can fly out into the cosmos, yes, you can. You have entered into the realm of non-ordinary reality. The physical laws that you and I live by do not hold in this other world.

Indeed, you can have experiences in the other world that alter your practical world reality. It’s how the shamanic journey affects our everyday life. You learn something in non-ordinary reality then in this reality you use the information.

Let me tell you a story. I met a man in a doctors’ office; he had really bad posture from years of being hunched over his computer for long work hours. His posture was affecting his health, his vitality and his outlook on life. He was in a bad way.

Somehow we clicked. He came for soul retrieval, then classes on shamanism. He did so well that he became my staff for my Vision Quests. In one of our classes, Spirit told him that he needed to stop drinking Coke. Who knew?

He did. He stopped imbibing, his diet changed naturally, and eight months later he was engaged to be married.

When you set it up intentionally to ask Spirit for help, you get the most amazing information. The trick is to put it into practice. If my student continued to drink Coke he might not have the life he has now.

Now, we have given your Reptilian Brain some comfort, hearing someone else’s story. You are ready to journey. With Spirit Guides and Allies you have a unique and different perspective that shows you how to resolve any challenge.

A constant rhythmic drumbeat induces a theta brain state like deep meditation where you have access to other realities. In this relaxed brain state solutions are created that you don’t naturally see in your everyday life.

Perhaps you think your life can’t change—that this is good enough. Maybe you’ve hidden your real passions, thinking they were not possible. Perhaps someone told you that you couldn’t…

So, don’t hold tightly to ideas that no longer serve you. Take stock, learn ways to take care of yourself. Your life is precious, feel the balance of Autumn Equinox 2020.  

When you’re ready to take a journey, I am here for you.

Bliss, Shiela


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