Are you ready to journey with me? A journey may seem like an individual adventure however; we always journey for each other. There is much insight to be gained for you from my journeys. Journeying is a powerful therapeutic tool.

In this journey you’ll have an opportunity to travel into the timeless, pathless land of shamanic reality. I hope it will bring you healing and enjoyment!

The Journey

Today my intention is “show me what I need to know.” Looking right I see Bear, my male ancestor, with a fish and on the left is Grandmother, my female ancestor, with a frying pan. My guide, the Hawk also has a fish. As I look behind for my protection I notice the canoe is filled with fish.

Over the edge of my boat I am aware of a whirlwind in the water and the canoe tips. All the fish are dumped and fanned out around my vessel. I look up toward the sky and I am riding a fish or perhaps I am the fish?

On the horizon the sun is rising then it begins to rain. We swim between the raindrops quickly zigging and zagging but not too fast.

As the journey ends I thank my guides and I am once again at the edge of my river. Sometimes journeys are short and sweet. Sometimes long and arduous. This one is the former.


Understanding and Making This Journey Useful

All Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken. I have developed a way of interpreting journeys using five Archetypes. By focusing on these five aspects we have a framework for interpreting and using this important information.

  • As the Visionary I use all my senses and my body to be aware in the journey.
  • In the role of the Warrior I ride the fish and perhaps becomes the fish. A new perspective.
  • In the role of the Teacher I try on a different guise to see which one works best for me.
  • In the role of the Healer I avoid getting wet by swimming easily between the raindrops.
  • As the Magician I watch a sunrise and look for which fish it was I became.

My Interpretation

Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. Let’s look at the metaphors in this journey.

Some journeys are long and involved and some are sketchy and simple.

There is little written on fish in the books where I usually seek my insights. This time I must rely on my own deep inner knowing about Fish. Hawk medicine is about messages, about being observant, and looking at the surroundings.

In this journey I noticed many things: the abundance of fish, that I journeyed to the Underworld (the whirlwind in the water) and the Upperworld (the sky) and that I became an animal which is not usually able to survive outside of its environment. And yet we did!

We were able to avoid getting wet by swimming between raindrops. Aren’t we magical? This magic can provide me with the power to overcome currently distressing situations. None of the middle world reality is relevant in this journey.

Where am I stuck thinking and being in old ways that no longer serve me? Perhaps Hawk’s message is to move beyond physical world reality and shift my way of being.

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey? Where are you able to use the Hawk medicine to observe and rise above current distressing situations?

Perhaps you want to accomplish more than untangling from the fray. You may actually come to know you can live the life you desire, the life that’s rich with all the bliss you can imagine. I can show you how.

Bliss Shiela

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