About Me

Through Shiela Baker, journeys as a Nurse, a psychotherapist, an author, and a Mom, my deep spiritual connection led me to a path of Shamanism.  I was seeking the oldest way we connected to the Divine!

I went from religion to religion seeking this mystical path. They all failed me. None had what I was looking for, an enlightenment experience. 

That magical feeling when, you know, when you feel such a powerful relationship to something bigger than yourself. I kept looking for that. In the shiela Baker playground, Nature, I found this feeling of interconnection. 

As a small child I understood that everyone is doing their best – at their state of consciousness. For me, life was uncertain, we moved a lot! Nature, trees, grass, flowers and the wild animals were my constants!

As a student nurse I was misdiagnosed with Epilepsy and Manic Depression. This led me to investigate brain science and hypersensitivity. For nearly five decades I have studied, learned, practiced, and mastered the ancient ways of healing which I combine with modern psychotherapy. 

I have always known that there is more… I see possibilities and potential in others that they are not aware of. I see past the barriers to bounty. It’s one of my gifts! I have the sacred gift of Inner Vision.

It’s my joy, my passion and my Bliss to share my wisdom. I can help free you from the chains that bind you no matter what they are or how long you have had them. 

Bliss Shiela

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