Shamanic Journey to Love

with Shamanweaver Shiela Baker

We all want more love … so we get a dog, or a cat, or a person. BUT what is LOVE?

Are there different kinds of love? Some love that is only given to certain people or places or things? Well, you know that we don’t just give our love to everyone, right? Why not? Let’s find out!

In the shamanic realm you can journey to LOVE and find your Love Guide. Shamanic journeys open doorways to extraordinary places where you connect with spirit helpers. AND receive useful helpful practical information that you put into action.

If you think you’re not “lucky in love” you can get answers to what’s holding you back. If you have the love you want you can enhance it with information from this experience.

So, whether you have love or not, Shamanic Journey to Love will open your heart and expand your mind to new possibilities you haven’t imagined.

Join me and find the gateway to a deeper understanding of what Love means, how to get more Love and how to express your Love.

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Wed Feb 10 at 7 pm US Pacific


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