Are you ready to journey with me? A journey may seem like an individual adventure however; we always journey for each other. There is much insight to be gained for you from my journeys. Journeying is a powerful therapeutic tool. I hope it will bring you healing and enjoyment!


The Process

The journey begins in a birch bark Spirit canoe. On the right I invite Male Ancestors, for me the Bear and the Female Ancestors on my left, my Native American Grandmother Elder.

My Guide is in the bow and my Crystal Formation as Protection behind. Stating my intention, all my senses are heightened so as to not miss anything. The monotonous drumbeat sends me into non-ordinary reality.


The Journey

My Bear, my Male Ancestor, is on the right, this time with a bunny. Grandmother, my Female Ancestor is on the left and is creating a necklace of daisies. Heron is my guide in this journey although Hawk is in the bow as well. The Crystal Formation, my Protection is behind me. I set my intention: “Show me what I need to know.”

Bear and Bunny on the riverbank are holding hands circling a birch tree with initials carved into it. They are singing “Ring Around the Rosie.” From above I notice tents set up along the edge of a winding river. I can see from aloft how to get to the mouth of the river where it joins the ocean.

Instinctively I know I am to go the windy river way, not in a straight line as the crow flies.

Travelling along the river I come to the first tent where there is a couple camping. Moving along to the second tent I am with my dog and at the third and last tent I am alone but the tent has been prepared for me. I rest here.

I leave this tent and paddle towards a huge Sun coming up over the horizon. Waiting at the mouth of the river, I can’t decide which bank to paddle to so I paddle out into the ocean.

Heron in the front of the canoe opens her wings blocking the Sun then turning flies up and over me. Her feet touch the top of my head. Hawk remains in the bow but I fear falling off the edge of the world as we seem at the very place where the Sun meets the earth.

I wait and the Sun goes up and over me.

The journey ends with me returning to Bear and Bunny who are now dancing around the birch tree.

Understanding and Making This Journey Useful

All Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken. I developed a way of interpreting journeys using five Archetypes. By focusing on these five aspects we have a framework for interpreting and using this important information. 

  • As the Visionary I use all my senses and my body to be aware in the journey.
  • In the role of the Warrior I paddle and make decisions about which way to go.
  • In the role of the Teacher I try the different tents to see which one is for me.
  • In the role of the Healer I have both the Heron and the Sun pass over and touch the top my head.
  • As the Magician I can stand in the Sun, watch a sunrise and look for Heron. 

My Interpretation

Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. Let’s look at the metaphors in this journey.

According to Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak Heron is about aggressive self-determination and self-reliance. In this journey I decide which tent is for me and which bank, or perhaps neither, is the right one.

When feeding Heron stands in the water, reflecting a connection to the earth – while implying the exploration of other dimensions (the water and the air). When hunting Heron spears its prey with great speed, this is quick aggressive movement toward opportunity.

Heron medicine is about the ability to do a variety of tasks – block the Sun, fly silently touching the top of my head, my seventh Chakra, giving me a wake up call! Heron is about following one’s own innate wisdom rather than the counsel of others. 

With the change of the season the Heron’s eyes change from yellowish to bright orange just as the sky changes throughout the day as the Sun passes overhead.

Although I experience fear I do not fall off the edge of the world but return to the familiar where there is dancing and celebration.

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey? Where are you using your innate wisdom or following the advice of others? Are you ready to experience fear and still take the leap?

You can break through the barriers of fear and create the life you love. Learn to journey, visit the other worlds, and create from the guidance you receive. Message me to learn how.

Bliss Shiela

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