Ready to journey with me? Journeys may seem an individual adventure however; there is much insight to be gained for all from our journeys. May it bring you wisdom, insights and pleasure.


The Process

The journey begins in a birch bark Spirit canoe. On the right I invite Male Ancestors, for me the Bear and the Female Ancestors on my left, my Native American Grandmother Elder.

My Guide is in the bow and my Crystal Formation as Protection behind. Stating my intention, all my senses are heightened so as to not miss anything. The monotonous drumbeat sends me into non-ordinary reality.


The Journey

Sitting quietly on the edge of my river I look out to the right. Bear waves and moves toward me. On the left Grandmother ambles along humming softly. In the bow guides wait to see who will journey with me. In the stern my Crystal Formation is glistening.

My intention I muse: What do I want to know about? Well, what lies ahead? So there! My intention is set, what lies ahead?

I step into the canoe and someone assists me to sit down. The seat is cushier than I remember! Glancing about I see a mist hovering just over the water obscuring the current. Regardless, we move gently into the midstream.

At a moderate pace we float down the river past familiar sites. Many eyes watch; we are guarded. After a while I hear a loud roaring. We are approaching the falls! While I feel no fear I do pay attention.

We plunge over the edge and I am facing straight down. Strange, still no fear. Diving deep into the water I notice many creatures large and small who are not bothered by our appearance in their domain.

A tentacled being takes me to a large and empty underwater throne but I am to sit at the side. I notice that I am excited, who will sit there?

There is a stir and a large fish glides to the seat settling into the throne. With gills fanning out he speaks to me ”What are you doing here?” I could ask myself the same question but I merely look stupidly at him.

Let’s find out he says. “Does anyone know this being?” Several nod in acknowledgment. “Is she lost?” he asks; they nod. “Does anyone want to show her the way?” “YES” says a large marlin in the back. “Off you go” he says.

Marlin takes me in tow. We zoom around and I am cleansed by the passing water. Tension and worries I had long forgotten wash away in the tepid water. I am jubilant and my breath comes easily.

Weeping I am returned to my canoe. Grandmother and Bear dry me off and place me tenderly back on my seat, we return to the place where I always begin my journey and smiling I thank my guides for their assistance.


Understanding and Making this Journey Useful

All Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken. I have developed a way of interpreting journeys using five Archetypes. By focusing on these five aspects we have a framework for interpreting and using this important information.

By focusing on five archetypes (the Visionary, Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Magician) we have a framework for interpreting and using important information. Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken.

  • Visionary is me as I am having the journey.
  • Warrior – I am not afraid above the misty water or underneath the depths.
  • Teacher – Allow yourself to be seen and assistance will come.
  • Healer – Marlin guides me to a place where my troubles are washed away.
  • Magician – Have a tepid bath and allow your worries to be carried off by the water. Place minerals and sea salts in your tub.

Journeying is a powerful therapeutic tool. Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. Participating in and listening to others’ journeys helps you gain insight into your own life. Act upon those insights!

  • What worries are you still holding on to?
  • Can you allow yourself to be trouble free or are you caught up in needing to struggle?
  • Where are you attached to making life more difficult than it needs to be?
  • What do you find relevant for your life in this journey?

Learn to journey and find answers to these questions and more! Join others and share your journeys. If this sounds good to you, message me.

Bliss Shiela

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