Practical Shamanism

Journeys of Transformation

with Shamanweaver Shiela Baker

8 weeks Online Interactive

In this 8-module course, Practical Shamanism, Shiela guides you through the fundamental skills and competencies to develop powerful shamanic skills and apply them to your everyday life.

 You emerse yourself into the realm of creativity.  In these 8 weeks you experience the ability to tap into your own deep knowing, your intuition. You learn to trust your gut!


What we are doing here in Practical Shamanism is meeting personally twice a week on a Zoom call. Once for a teaching and once for a Q & A.  You also have access to Shiela through text or email as well

Each module teaches underlieing spiritual principles, has a shamanic journey component, and practical action steps to take

Shiela guides you through the fundamental skills and competencies to develop the powerful shamanic skill of journeying. You tap into your inner guidance in this potent way of using the theta brain state. You train your brain!

You develop a deep personal trusting relationship with a spirit guide who has your best interest in mind

You become certain about your life direction because you know how to use the wisdom of your higher self

Module 1
Set Yourself up for Success

In this module you:

Define your own success

Learn the spiritual tools of:

  • Protection
  • Setting sacred space
  • Creating an altar
  • How to get the most out of any journey
  • Understanding your journey
  • Honoring your guides
  • Experiencing the journey
  • Taming your Reptilian brain

Experience a journey thru InnerVisioning



In this session, Shiela leads you to meet your InnerVisioning guide to lead you into a journey of transformation.

Shiela does an opening invocation to welcome in and start to activate the power of community to perform shamanic work.

She introduces you to the shamanic journey and how the helping spirits in the invisible realms provide guidance and healing in your life.

You create a ceremony in the non-ordinary realms and create a sacred altar to visit throughout the training.

Shiela describes how you can journey on your own between course sessions.

Module 2
Taking to the Air

In this module you learn to:

Express yourself

Develop the art of journaling

  • Why it is physically important to write your journeys
  • Concretizing the experience
  • Bringing the non-ordinary into the current reality
  • Why now is the best time to expand your mind and experience in the quantum field

Comprehend how journeys affect your everyday life

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor in the East which is the element of Air and the Mental Realm.

This mentor may appear in many ways including winged ones who have the ability to rise above the fray.

You experience the different qualities between the Middle World journey for a Guide and the Upper World. This foundation expands your knowledge of non-ordinary realms.

Module 3
Stoking the Fire – Passions

During this module you:

  • Learn how to cultivate a rich inner landscape that leads you to living a life filled with joy and good health.
  • Learn how to interpret the messages you receive while journeying by using 5 Archetypes.
  • Journey to meet the element of Fire as an ally.
  • Receive a healing from this ally and learn how to utilize its power.

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor in the South, the element of Fire, which represents passion, drive and connection to the Divine.

Shiela shares how connecting with the unseen forces and spiritual allies in nature can improve your health and well being.

She teaches you how to journey to the South to discover a healing ally for yourself.

Module 4
Wading in the Water – Emotions

In this module you learn how to:

  • Discover steps you can take in the present that will lead you to your desired outcome.
  • Learn how your daydreams and negative self talk impact the life you are living now.
  • Explore ways to change your thoughts, ideas and actions to create the life you desire for yourself and for the well being of the Earth.
  • Experience how the universe and the creative forces of life love you, so you understand that it is your birth rite to have all that life has to offer.

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor in the West which is the element of Water and the realm of the emotions.

Shiela discusses the ways to distinguish between what your ego wants and where your spirit is leading you.

She shares how to use your imagination and intuition to dream and create an abundant life for yourself and for all beings.

Module 5
Walking on the Earth – Grounding

In this module you:

  • Experience the deep connection to Mother Earth and Sky Father.
  • Discover how shamans utilize the power of words as a blissing for others and themselves.
  • Explore clearing and transforming the energy in your home, workplace and environment.

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor in the North which is the element of Earth.


Module 6
Evaluate Your Beliefs

In this module you:

  • Experience the support and love from your ancestral line where perhaps the beliefs began.
  • Identify bogus beliefs that prevent/limit you from using your creative energy and learn ways to let go of these.
  • Learn that beliefs are a choice. A belief is just a thought and you choose your thoughts.
  • Ditch the old and create a new paradigm that aids you.

In this session, Shiela guides you to discover beliefs blocking you from using your full creative potential.

You have guides who show you ways to create new beliefs.

Module 7
Action Steps to Success

In this module you:

  • Discover how you can change your reality by shifting your perception.
  • Perceive your life and the world around you through the eyes of Spirit.
  • Explore your inner divine desire and what it feels like to be guided from within.
  • Learn how to infuse this profound process into your daily life and how to continue your spiritual practices.



In this session, Shiela teaches how to evolve your spiritual practice. You discover how to alter your point of view.

Journey to experience who you are beyond your ego, a divine spiritual being of light.

Delve into the shamanic practices for guidance on all life’s big questions.

You have the ability to create peace, harmony and balance through Practical Shamanism!

Module 8
Celebrate Your Template for Life

In this module you:

  • Set yourself up for future success
  • Perform a closing ceremony



In this module Shiela shares your success.

You have learned how to use your voice, tap into Spirit, ground in the Earth, stoke your fire, allow your emotions to flow. 

You busted your bogus beliefs and created new life supporting ones.

Armed with all this valuable spiritual experience you are ready for InnerVisioning Your Future.

Amazing Benefits of Practical Shamanism

  • You make decisions without hesitation

  • You get clear, confident and focused

  • You connect with your helpful spirit guide

  • You gain access to spiritual guidance any time 24/7

  • You discover how to manoeuver your ordinary reality

  • You create safe and sacred spaces to share your life experiences

  • You learn powerful tools and practices to step further into your power

  • You explore ways to develop thoughts and actions that create the life you desire


What people are saying…


ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker has a gift for seeing through the barriers you place around yourself, and helping you see with new eyes all the possibilities around you and potential within you; just waiting for you to say YES! to your new and glorious life.  — Deb

ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker has a gift for seeing through the barriers you place around yourself, and helping you see with new eyes all the possibilities around you and potential within you; just waiting for you to say YES! to your new and glorious life.  — Deb

Shiela has a way of taking what I say and reflecting it back to me in ways that are really helpful and empowering. And she has given encouragement that I have really needed.  – Molly Peebles, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author

Shiela Baker opened up a whole new world to me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve moved to the place of my dreams, started my own business and no longer rely on a cane.  – Sally O’Brien, Founder, My Inner Lighthouse

Meet Shiela

Shiela is brilliant at helping people move from stuck to Unstoppable.

Shiela is an author of 2 books on Shamanic Journeying and has taught thousands of people to use the shamanic journey for important life questions and to live a life divinely inspired.

She helps you bust out of bogus beliefs, discover your personal spiritual relationship, and thrive in alignment with your true purpose.

When you do what you love with people you love, that’s bliss!

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