Practical Shamanism

Spirituality 101

with Shamanweaver Shiela Baker

8 weeks Online


No one knows you better than you do, but maybe I can help you dig up even more self-knowledge. I’m certainly not a guru, but I do have some skill at inspiring you to be in intimate contact with your inner guidance.

PS Spirituality 101 provides an amazing way for people go beyond surface niceties and actually support each other in their genuine hungers and deepest purpose.

Meet personally once a week on a Zoom call for a teaching. You also have access to Shiela through text or email as well

Each module teaches underlieing spiritual principles, has a shamanic journey component, and you have practical action steps to take

Shiela guides you through the fundamental skills and competencies to develop the powerful shamanic skill of journeying. You tap into your inner guidance in this potent way of using the theta brain state. You train your brain!

You develop a deep personal trusting relationship with a spirit guide who has your best interest in mind

You become certain about your life direction because you know how to use the wisdom of your higher self

Module 1
Setting Yourself up for Success


This foundation expands your knowledge of non-ordinary realms. Wisdom creates confidence. Do what ye will but ye harm none!

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet your guide.

There is an opening invocation to welcome in and activate the power of community.

You are introduced to the shamanic journey and how helping spirits provide guidance and healing in your life.

Shiela describes how you can journey on your own between course sessions.

Module 2
Taking to the Air

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor in the East which is the element of Air and the Mental Realm.

This mentor may appear in many ways including winged ones who have the ability to rise above the fray.

During this session, you:

  • Journey to the East to meet a mentor or spirit ally.
  • Learn about the nature of how shamans sense ideas as things.
  • Discover an unidentified belief you have that needs healing.

Module 3
Stoking the Fire – Passions

In this session, Shiela shares how connecting with the unseen forces and spiritual allies in nature can improve your health and well-being.

She teaches you how to journey into the invisible realm of the South to discover how the element of fire that can be a healing ally for you. Burning away things!!!

Module 4
Wading in the Water – Emotions

Shiela shares how to use your imagination from the West (the Great Mystery) to dream into being an abundant life for yourself and for all beings.

Module 5
Walking on the Earth – Integrity

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor in the North which is the element of Earth.


Module 6
Cast Your Future

 Every change you go through in life involves a small death. In shamanism, death is not seen as an end but as a transition. These transitions are actually initiations or rites of passage that lead us into new stages and phases of life.

By affecting changes on the physical plane we are also affecting changes in the realm of spirit. Hence the saying “As above so below.” In shamanism we understand that when we take action in the spirit world there is a corresponding re-action on the physical world.

Module 7
Moving Forward

In this session, you learn how to evolve your shamanic practice. You discover how your perception creates your reality. Shiela leads you on a journey to experience who you are beyond your ego, a divine spiritual being of light.

Delve into the shamanic practices for guidance on all life’s big questions. Learn to be of service to your friends and family as we co-create heaven on Earth together. We have the ability to create peace, harmony and balance through your own personal spiritual practice!


Module 8
Graduation Certificate


In this session Shiela shares your success.

You have learned how to use your voice, tap into Spirit, ground in the Earth, stoke your fire, allow your emotions to flow.

You busted your bogus beliefs and created new life supporting ones.

Armed with all this valuable spiritual experience you are ready for InnerVisioning Your Future.

Check this out!

Ann: Check it out folks, I am getting paid to practice doing things that I learned about from ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker. Thank you guides guardians and allies for this opportunity to experience myself in a new way.

I love this not only because it’s such a great antidote to the loneliness of pandemic times…

But also because in my experience, true growth and transformation happens fastest in alchemical community.

So I hope you give yourself the marvelous benefit of PS Spirituality 101 and come into your full power

Meet Shiela

Shiela is brilliant at teaching you how to tap into your inner guidance.

She helps you bust out of bogus beliefs, discover your personal spiritual relationship, and thrive in alignment with your true purpose.

Shiela is an author of 2 books on Shamanic Journeying and has taught thousands of people to use the shamanic journey for important life questions and to live a life divinely inspired.

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