Are you ready to journey with me? A journey may seem like an individual adventure however; we always journey for each other. There is much insight to be gained for you from my journeys.

Journeying is a powerful therapeutic tool. I hope it brings you healing and enjoyment!

The Process

The journey begins in a birch bark Spirit canoe. On the right I invite Male Ancestors, for me the Bear and the Female Ancestors on my left, my Native American Grandmother Elder.

My Guide is in the bow and my crystal formation as Protection behind. Stating my intention, all my senses are heightened so as to not miss anything. The monotonous drumbeat sends me into non-ordinary reality.

The Journey

This time in my journey Bear, my Male ancestor on my right, is making pancakes for his cubs. My Native American Grandmother, my Female ancestor, is sleeping; Hawk, my guide, is in the bow and the Crystal Formation, my Protection is in the stern.

The canoe slips into the water and is carried along in the current. As we pass by a large tree on the bank of the river I shape shift into a Blue Jay. As I fly along way over the water I notice that there are many more Jays just like me.

On a small island there is a tall tree with a red ribbon tied to the uppermost branch. In order to reach the ribbon I become a squirrel who climbs the tree but I am too heavy and the branch snaps. Down I tumble through the branches.

Unharmed upon reaching the ground I bury the ribbon. Bear who has been meandering along notices where the ribbon is buried and digs it up. He wanders down a path to a cabin where he lies down to fall asleep.

While sleeping he is bitten by a bee. The bee sting wakes the Bear rudely and the journey ends abruptly. I thank my guides.

Understanding and Making This Journey Useful

All Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken. I have developed a way of interpreting journeys using five Archetypes. By focusing on these five aspects we have a framework for interpreting and using this important information.

  • As the Visionary I use all my senses and my body to be aware in the journey.
  • In the role of the Warrior I am not aware and do not set an intention.
  • In the role of the Teacher I shape shift from one creature to another as necessary.
  • In the role of the Healer I come back from the journey when it becomes dangerous.
  • As the Magician I can climb a tree, dig in the dirt, and observe squirrels and jays in my environment

My Interpretation

Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight. Let’s look at the metaphors in this journey.

Some journeys are long and involved and some are sketchy and simple. This is a complex journey with shape shifting, flying, burying things, digging them up, getting bitten and an abrupt ending.

In this journey I notice that I explore all the elements of air, earth and water but not fire.

Because my intention was not clearly stated (did you notice that?) I have a random journey seemingly without focus.

One of my ancestors is sleeping at the beginning of the journey and the others sleep during the journey. The Hawk, my guide, does not participate in this journey at all. So it seems that if I do not remember to set an intention my ancestors sleep and my guide does not guide.

One comforting thought is that there are many jays as I fly along the water. However, Jay does not get the ribbon and a too fat Squirrel is rewarded for obtaining the ribbon by tumbling down the tree.

Once he buries his booty it is dug up by Bear who is rewarded with a bee sting. The consequences for behavior are swiftly and somewhat painfully dealt out.

According to Ted Andrews in his book Animal Speak Blue Jay medicine is about right use of power. Where is too much power being used and where too little. Would I have been better off remaining a jay and retrieving the ribbon?

Clearly, I gave up my power when I didn’t state an intention. The word jay comes from the Latin “Gaia”; the jay flies in the air and connects heaven and earth.

Squirrel is about activity and preparedness. The squirrel repeatedly tries things until successful. Even though the squirrel was too heavy for the branch it did not give up but got the prized ribbon and as squirrels will, it buries it.

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey? Where are you able to make use of the metaphors in this journey for your life?

If you are floundering, don’t have a specific intention, and would like guidance, message me. I can help.

Bliss Shiela

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