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Enter a rich landscape where anything is possible!

Tap into the same field of infinite potential that ancient shaman did and quantum physics has found.

Learn to use spiritual guidance for your everyday life – manifestation is a participatory reality



💥  Learn how to cultivate a rich inner landscape that leads you to living a life filled with joy and good health.

💥  Learn how to interpret the messages you receive while journeying by using 5 Archetypes.

💥  Discover how you can journey to meet a plant, tree, rock, crystal or mineral then communicate and connect with nature spirits in this way.

SHAMANIC SPIRIT SCHOOL is deep medicine for feelings of being stuck in isolation, frustration, disconnection or boredom

💥  Each module teaches you an underlieing spiritual principle, has a shamanic journey component, and practical action steps for you to take

💥  Shiela guides you through the fundamental skills and competencies to develop the powerful shamanic skill of journeying. You tap into your inner guidance in this potent way of using the theta brain state. You train your brain!

💥  You develop a deep and personal trusting relationship with a spirit guide who has your best interest in mind

💥  You become certain about your life direction because you know how to use the wisdom of your higher self

Module 1 – Foundations for Your Spiritual Success

Define your own success – what are your goals for this experience?

In this module, learn the underlieing spiritual tools

💥  Placing protection

💥  Setting sacred space

💥  Creating an altar

💥  Understanding the information in your journey

💥  Honoring your guides

💥  Taking the journey

💥  Taming your Reptilian brain

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet your guide.

  • Experience a journey to meet your Spirit Guide for SSS
  • Expand your knowledge of non-ordinary realms. Wisdom creates confidence.
  • Opening invocation welcoming in and activating the power of community.
  • You are introduced to the shamanic journey and how helping spirits provide guidance and healing in your life.

Shiela describes how to journey on your own between course sessions. Regular practice is encouraged.


Module 2
The Veil Thins – Ancient Wisdom for Right Now 

During this module you:

💥  Meet a spirit ally for new beginnings.

💥  Learn how ideas become things.

💥  Discover an unidentified ancestoral belief you carry and are ready to let go

💥  Journey for ancestoral healing.

Your ancestry is important!! The business of tracing our past is huge… WHY?

Because you care about where you came from.

Those people – your grandparents and great grandparents made decisions that affect your everyday life, right now.

They moved from their homelands to create a better future for you.

Along the way they made decisions – some good some not so much – but you are living from those ideas, thoughts, and actions.

You can heal the wounds of your forefathers. You can heal your past. Then let it go

Use this month to discover your ancestoral lineage and make peace with your past.

The veil thins at this time of year so that you might stop, listen and heal.

As you take this powerful step of putting your past in the past you grow, evolve and feel a sense of freedom.

With this new found independence you soar.

Free to be who you truly are and able to do what you came to do.

You find your purpose untangled from regret, remorse and resolute to have a better future.


Module 3
Gratitude as a Way of Living

During this module you:

💥  Continue to cultivate your rich inner landscape so that your life flourishes divinely inspired

💥  Receive a healing so you can be even more compassionate

💥  Discover how you can journey for a spirt guide for any occasion, event, circumstance or business.

An Attitude of Gratitude – as a way of life

How you think is how you are… beliefs create your everyday life.

When you are grateful your heart opens and elevates your well-being

As you give you receive. Giving fully opens you to receive fully

Imagine an infinity sign. As the energy goes out it flows back in a never ending supply

You can now have a new way of experiencing life – you have a guide for new beginnings, a connection to ancestral wisdom, and now a new attitude

This short 3 sessions offer you a way to change your life from stuck to unstoppable, from curious to knowing and now open to a new way of being.


These are sample modules… more to come❣️

What people are saying…

ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker has a gift for seeing through the barriers you place around yourself, and helping you see with new eyes all the possibilities around you and potential within you; just waiting for you to say YES! to your new and glorious life.  — Deb

Learning to use the Shamanic Journey for direction and to trust the guidance I received expanded my business sense beyond anything I learned in business school.  — Hester

Amazing Benefits of  


💥  You make decisions without hesitation

💥  You get clear, confident and focused

💥  You connect with your helpful spirit guide

💥  You gain access to spiritual guidance any time 24/7

💥  You discover how to manoeuver your ordinary reality

💥  You create safe and sacred spaces to share your life experiences

💥  You learn powerful tools and practices to step further into your power

💥  You explore ways to develop thoughts and actions that create the life you desire


Shiela has a way of taking what I say and reflecting it back to me in ways that are really helpful and empowering. And she has given encouragement that I have really needed.  – Molly Peebles, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author

Shiela Baker opened up a whole new world to me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve moved to the place of my dreams, started my own business and no longer rely on a cane.  – Sally O’Brien, Founder, My Inner Lighthouse

Meet Shiela

Shiela is brilliant at helping people move from stuck to Unstoppable.

Shiela is an author of 2 books on Shamanic Journeying and has taught thousands of people to use the shamanic journey for important life questions and to live a life divinely inspired.

She helps you bust out of bogus beliefs, discover your personal spiritual relationship, and thrive in alignment with your true purpose.

When you do what you love with people you love, that’s bliss!

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