Shamanic Spirit School

12 Month Online Program
Starts Sept 18

with Shamanweaver Shiela Baker

No one knows you better than you do, but maybe I can help you dig up even more self-knowledge.

I’m certainly not a guru, but I do have some skill at inspiring you to be in intimate contact with your inner guidance

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SHAMANIC SPIRIT SCHOOL is deep medicine for feelings of being stuck in isolation, frustration, disconnection or boredom

💥  Each monthly module teaches underlieing spiritual principles, has a shamanic journey component, and practical action steps for you to take

💥  Shiela guides you through the fundamental skills and competencies to develop the powerful shamanic skill of journeying. You tap into your inner guidance in this potent way of using the theta brain state. You train your brain!

💥  You develop a deep and personal trusting relationship with a spirit guide who has your best interest in mind

💥  You become certain about your life direction because you know how to use the wisdom of your higher self

Module 1 – Foundation – 
Set Yourself Up for Success

Define your own success – what are your goals for this experience?

In this module, learn the underlieing spiritual tools

💥  Placing protection

💥  Setting sacred space

💥  Creating an altar

💥  Understanding the information in your journey

💥  Honoring your guides

💥  Taking the journey

💥  Taming your Reptilian brain

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet your guide.

  • Experience a journey to meet your Spirit Guide for SSS
  • Expand your knowledge of non-ordinary realms. Wisdom creates confidence.
  • Opening invocation welcoming in and activating the power of community.
  • You are introduced to the shamanic journey and how helping spirits provide guidance and healing in your life.

Shiela describes how you can journey on your own between course sessions.



Module 2
Train Your Brain

During this module you:

💥  Journey to meet a mentor or spirit ally for new beginnings such as this.

💥  Learn about the nature of how shamans sense ideas as things.

💥  Discover an unidentified belief you have that needs healing.

💥  Journey to a place of healing in the invisible realms.

In this session, Shiela leads you to meet a mentor for the East, the Mental Realm, the element of Air.

This mentor may appear in many ways including winged ones who have the ability to rise above the fray.

  • Expressing yourself – speaking, writing, singing and dancing (flying high)
  • Interpreting the messages in the journey
  • Understanding how journeys change your life
  •  Journaling
    • Why it is physically important to write your journeys
    • Concretizing the experience
    • Bringing the non-ordinary into the current reality
    • Why now is the best time to expand your mind and experience in the quantum field
  • Module 3
    Stoking the Fire – Passions

    During this module you:

    💥  Learn how to cultivate a rich inner landscape that leads you to living a life filled with joy and good health.

    💥  Learn how to interpret the messages you receive while journeying by using 5 Archetypes.

    💥  Journey to meet the element of Fire as an ally.

    💥  Receive a healing from this ally and learn how to utilize its power.

    💥  Discover how you can journey to meet a plant, tree, rock, crystal or mineral then communicate and connect with nature spirits in this way.

    In this session, Shiela shares how connecting with the unseen forces and spiritual allies in nature can improve your health and well-being.

    She teaches you how to journey into the invisible realm of the South to discover how the element of fire that can be a healing ally for you.

  • Dharma – doing what you came to do
  • Purpose – it is your passion
  • Imagination – creating in non-ordinary reality returning to physical
  • Intuition – listening to your inner guidance, your gut
    Burning away things!!!


    Module 4
    Wading in the Water – Emotions

    In this module you learn how to:

    💥  Journey to your future self to discover what can lead you to a life filled with meaning.

    💥  Discover steps you can take in the present that will lead you to your desired outcome for your future.

    💥  Learn how your daily daydreams and self talk impact the life you are living now.

    💥  Explore ways to change your thoughts, ideas and actions to create the life you desire for yourself and for the well being of the Earth.

    💥  Experience how the universe and the creative forces of life love you, so you understand that it is your birth rite to have all that life has to offer.

    In this session

  • We discuss the need to distinguish between what your ego desires and where your spirit is leading you
  • Learn how to use your imagination from the West (the Great Mystery)
  • Dream into being an abundant life for yourself and for all beings.
  • Tame your Reptilian Brain

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    Module 5
    Walking on the Earth – Integrity

    In this module you:

    💥  Experience the support and love from your ancestral line where perhaps the beliefs began.

    💥  Discover how shamans utilize the power of words as a blissing for others and themselves.

    💥  Identify bogus beliefs that prevent/limit you from using your creative energy and learn ways to release these.

    💥  Release beliefs that block you from forgiving, forgetting and from tapping into your true creative potential.

    💥  Explore clearing and transforming the energy in your home, workplace and environment.

    In this session we

  • Explore the shamanic teachings around the power of words in the concrete world
  • Create how you experience your life – the very same words you use creates your world.
  • Shiela guides you in discovering beliefs blocking you from using your full creative potential.

    There are guides who show you ways for revising these beliefs.


    Module 6
    Meet Your Male Ancestor

    The next two journeys are to our ancestral archetypes, both the masculine and feminine. When you journey to your ancestral archetypes, you are asking to be shown what you have to learn from this ancestor.

    These journeys help you to answer the powerful journey question:

    Where did I come from?

    In this module you learn:

    💥  What is there about your personal lineage that is helpful in your daily life?

    💥  How has it shaped who you are now?

    💥  What are you willing to carry into your future?

    As you know by now, my male ancestor is a Bear…

    Characteristics generally attributed to the masculine archetype may or may not be what you experience in your journeys. This is a personal and intimate interaction.

    Sometimes your actual relatives, such as a grandfather or uncle or father, may appear to you as your male ancestor in your journey.

    Or your male ancestor may appear to you as an animal or a rock or a tree.

    Regardless of your gender, getting in touch with your masculine and feminine sides will give you access to this energy and power.

    Our male ancestor often helps us put our words into action, and in walking our talk.

    Let’s discover what your male ancestor has to show you.


    Module 7
    Meet Your Female Ancestor

    In this module you:

    💥  Understand your inner female, regardless of your gender.

    💥  Receive access into her energy and power.

    Sometimes your actual relatives, such as a grandmother, aunt, or sister, may appear as your female ancestor in your journey.

    Or your female ancestor may come to you as an animal or a rock or a tree.

    As you know by now, my female ancestor is an elderly Native American woman I call “Grandmother.”

    However, characteristics generally attributed to the feminine archetype may or may not be what you experience in your journey.

    This is a personal and intimate interaction. Let’s discover what your female ancestor has to show you.

    Journeys to the ancestors, both male and female, are good to do when you are experiencing a transition in your life.

    Perhaps you have graduated from school, or are getting married, or a parent has died, or your children have left home, or you are going through menopause, or you have entered retirement.

    What’s next, you wonder. Ask your ancestors! They have walked these paths before, and have much to show you.

    They carry the traditions, the stories, and the wisdom of the past.

    Journeying to the female ancestor helps you understand your inner female, regardless of your gender.

    You receive access into her energy and power.

    Although the feminine has long been denigrated, trivialized, or even demonized in many human cultures, the ancient female archetype is very powerful indeed.

    She is often venerated as the Mother, or Creator, of All There Is.

    Your female ancestor helps you to become receptive to deep wisdom, and to access your connection to all beings.


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    Module 8
    Your Inner Wisdom – The Teacher

    Today in American society, the teacher has a big job with little reward. Teachers are not always given the respect they have historically held.

    Hopefully, this view of teachers is changing, for teaching the young is the most valuable and important role in any civilization.

    In ancient societies, the teacher was often the storyteller and the keeper of history.

    The teacher was the person in the community who held the lessons from the past, without which no person or tribe can grow.

    They had information and knowledge that others did not have. In addition, their role often required they uphold the standards of morality for the community.

    Teachers were respected, honored, and obeyed. Their status was high. Let’s meet your inner Teacher.

    When you journey to your internal teacher, you may encounter beings who deserve – and expect – honor, respect, and obedience.

    You may find yourself in a place of knowledge, such as a classroom, school, or library.

    Symbols of knowledge, such as books, may be present in your journey.

    There are lessons in each of your journeys. In meeting your teacher, you are making yourself available to these lessons.

    You ask questions relating to daily life, receive practical useful solutions.

    Often these answers or instructions are couched in metaphors that need to be deciphered.

    This is part of the learning process. Let’s ask what the Teacher has to show you.


    Module 9
    Your Inner Healer

    The word “heal” comes from the old Germanic word hailaz, which means “whole.”

    A healer is someone who takes that which is broken or fragmented, and restores it to wholeness.

    When we are wounded, whether physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, it is an opportunity for us to discover our true selves, in which we are totally complete.

    When we seek our authenticity, we are seeking our inner healer. We already know, but have forgotten, how to heal ourselves, each other, and the Earth herself.

    This first journey to your healer can bring you a mighty and powerful connection with yourself.

    In ancient cultures, healers were not just physicians for the body, but astrologers, wise women, herbalists, midwives, artists, alchemists, singers, dancers, and philosophers.

    It was recognized that science and religion were not polar opposites, but complementary and necessary for healing.

    In most societies, healers were revered, respected, and sometimes feared.

    Healers are the gatekeepers between life and death. When you were born, a healer likely was there to support your mother and usher you into this world.

    And when you die, it is probable that a healer will be one of the last faces you see on this earth.

    You may be given medicines of some kind, such as pills or herbs; or you may be shown special words to say, chants, or songs. Or maybe none of these things will happen.

    Remember this is a journey to your own inner Healer, which is completely unique, and completely whole.

    Let’s journey to discover what the Healer has for you.


    Module 10
    Journey to the Magician – Bringing Spirit into Matter

    The Magician is an alchemist: he or she takes one thing and turns it into another.

    To our limited senses, in our rational framework, it seems as though the Magician is bending the rules of reality.

    A Magician simply learns to manipulate energy.

    As I use this archetype, the Magician turns the sometimes paradoxical or even absurd divine guidance into practical applications that can benefit your life in this world’s reality.

    In your journey to the Magician, you may be confronted with cultural icons suggesting magic, such as an old man wearing a tall pointy hat, as in the movie Fantasia.

    You may see rabbits being pulled out of hats. You may even run into Doug Henning or David Copperfield doing magic tricks!

    Or you may not, of course. Magicians are masters of illusion. Be prepared to see things in a new way in this journey.

    Look underneath and around what is being shown to you: it may not be what it seems.

    Let’s journey to discover what the Magician has for you.


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    Module 11
    Creating Your Future

    In this module you:

    💥  Learn how shamans view the little deaths we go through in life as well as the big death, as we transcend at the end of our lives.

    💥  Explore the topic of initiation and how important formal initiations are to mental and physical health as well as to the younger generation.

    💥  Experience a journey of your own initiation for liberation, purification, transformation and healing, in which illness is cleansed and removed from your body and you feel revitalized.

    💥  Connect and communicate with an Angelic Being who assists in your healing.

    💥  Learn how to dismember blocking beliefs, judgments and disappointments.

    💥  Journey to ask a teacher to provide a blessing for you after your initiatory journey.

    💥  Join together in community to journey to the “Inner Chamber of Light.”

    Every change you go through in life involves a small death. In shamanism, death is not seen as an end but as a transition.

    These transitions are actually initiations or rites of passage that lead us into new stages and phases of life.

    By affecting changes when you are in the realm of spirit you affect the physical plane. Hence the saying “As above so below”.

    In shamanism we understand that when we take action in the spirit world there is a corresponding re-action on the physical world.

    We find that life brings us experiences that inspire, transformation and evolve us.


    Module 12
    Next Action Steps – Celebrate Your Template for Life

    In this module you:

    💥  Discover how you can change your reality by shifting your perception.

    💥  Perceive your life and the world around you through the eyes of Spirit.

    💥  Explore your inner divine desire and what it feels like to guided from within.

    💥  Learn simple methods of working with others in need of healing.

    💥  Engage in a healing ceremony for the group.

    💥  Learn how to infuse this profound process into your daily life and how to continue your shamanic practices.

    💥  Perform a closing ceremony in which we bless our altar and radiate our light to our circle and within and throughout the Earth.

    I love this not only because it’s such a great antidote to the loneliness and trauma of pandemic times…

    … but also because in my experience, true growth and transformation happens fastest in alchemical community….

    … when we’re seen and met by people who are willing to honor the whole spectrum of our being, from our sexuality to our anger to our tenderness to our genius….

    So I hope you give yourself the marvelous benefit of Shamanic Spirit School

    Come into your full power – which means you experience major spiritual, emotional and financial expansion. OH YEAH

    In this module, you learn how to evolve your shamanic practice.  You discover how your perception creates your reality.

    You journey to experience who you are beyond your ego, a divine spiritual being of light.

    Delve into the shamanic practices for guidance on all life’s big questions. Learn to be of service to your friends and family as we co-create heaven on Earth together.

    You may even find that you are ready to share your unique and special gifts and talents

    We have the ability to create peace, harmony and balance through shamanic practices!


    Interested in Shamanic Spirit School? Book a time for a personal conversation with Shiela

    What people are saying…

    ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker has a gift for seeing through the barriers you place around yourself, and helping you see with new eyes all the possibilities around you and potential within you; just waiting for you to say YES! to your new and glorious life.  — Deb

    Learning to use the Shamanic Journey for direction and to trust the guidance I received expanded my business sense beyond anything I learned in business school.  — Hester

    Amazing Benefits of  


    You make decisions without hesitation

    You get clear, confident and focused

    You connect with your helpful spirit guide

    You gain access to spiritual guidance any time 24/7

    You discover how to manoeuver your ordinary reality

    You create safe and sacred spaces to share your life experiences

    You learn powerful tools and practices to step further into your power

    You explore ways to develop thoughts and actions that create the life you desire

    Shiela has a way of taking what I say and reflecting it back to me in ways that are really helpful and empowering. And she has given encouragement that I have really needed.  – Molly Peebles, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author

    Shiela Baker opened up a whole new world to me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve moved to the place of my dreams, started my own business and no longer rely on a cane.  – Sally O’Brien, Founder, My Inner Lighthouse

    Meet Shiela

    Shiela is brilliant at helping people move from stuck to Unstoppable.

    Shiela is an author of 2 books on Shamanic Journeying and has taught thousands of people to use the shamanic journey for important life questions and to live a life divinely inspired.

    She helps you bust out of bogus beliefs, discover your personal spiritual relationship, and thrive in alignment with your true purpose.

    When you do what you love with people you love, that’s bliss!

    Interested in Shamanic Spirit School? Book a time for a personal conversation with Shiela


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