Soar to Success

from stuck to Unstoppable
an online experience

You know you have gifts! You long to help others. BUT you don’t know how to move forward…

In 8 short weeks I can show you how to have Confidence and take that next step.

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It’s time to heal. It’s time for life to get back on track. It’s time for a breakthrough.

We’ve all been through a difficult year. Our lives have suddenly changed – giving us more challenges and uncertainty more than ever. Leaving us feeling out of control

Many of us felt isolated, alone, and powerless in our own lives

But we are not.   NO! You are not…

 You got this. You HAVE the power of transformation within you.

I want to invite you to take your life back – it’s time to rise above the fray, take control, focus on gratitude and growth, and start creating the life that you love to live regardless of what’s happening around us.

💥 Break Patterns and Bust Beliefs

💥 Take Simple Spiritual Strategic Action

💥 Experience Positive Lasting Transformation

You’ll learn the most important principles of being an Unstoppable Spiritual Entrepreneur

 You’ll uncover the secret to creating lasting change while you start living the life you desire and deserve!

Ready for the next step?

Let’s catapult your passion into a spiritual business today!

Here’s a brief out line of what you can expect AND AS ALWAYS you can book a time on my calendar to get all your questions answered.

Week 1
Defining True North – Your Passion and Your Mission

Develop complete clarity about your Purpose.

Get on the right course, proceed in the right direction. So…

You know who you are, what you stand for and what you stand against

Train your brain by taking your first journey

Find a spirit guide for your experience in Soar to Success

Week 2
Knowing Your True Purpose – Your Passion

You know why your beliefs affect the way you behave and whether they serve you or not

You craft your unique gifts into a necessary marketable spiritual product or service.

You share them for your livelihood

Deepen your journey processs

Week 3
Aligning With Your Tribe – Your Soul Mate Clients

You know they are you like you cuz you understand and resonate with them

You learn how to attract your soul mate clients

You love to spend time with these people

Connect with your soul mate client in a journey

Week 4
Innervisioning Your Island of Desire

You know there is an environment that makes your heart sing and you’re willing to do what it takes to get there

Create your future in detail… what kind of house you want, where you want to live, how much time you spend on work and play, what creates your bliss

Explore in a journey with your Desire guide

Week 5
Being of Service – the Lifeline to Your Tribe

You know that your unique gifts are valuable and assist others on their journey

In social media posts you show how your gifts serve others

Your Social Media guide will give you the inside scoop on connecting

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Week 6
Being Visible – Confidence in Sharing

You know that you can get over yourself / ego / pride and you have realized that IF you don’t expose yourself to others they will never benefit. No one can find you.

Build confidence and implement with fast imperfect action

Journey to your inner actor

Week 7
Creating Your Course – the Big Secret

You know this way to success because it’s built upon the success of many. Success builds on success

You learn to organize and streamline your business so you have more time to play and have fun with your loved ones

 Journey to your imagination

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Week 8
Casting Your Future – Your Sacred Plan

You know who, what, where, how to Soar To Success now comes the when. Success results from constant rhythmic motion.

Celebrate your wins

You connect, you reach out, you give more than you receive. Answer questions, give advice, be playful and use laughter as medicine. It goes a long way.

💥  Commitment to your purpose

💥  Clarity on your clients

💥  Practical spiritual direction

💥  Simple spiritual strategies

💥  Template to use for life

What people are saying…

Soar To Success

ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker has a gift for seeing through the barriers you place around yourself, and help you see with new eyes all the possibilities around you and potential within you; just waiting for you to say YES! to your new and glorious life.  — Deb

Learning to use the Shamanic Journey for direction and to trust the guidance I received expanded my business sense beyond anything I learned in business school.  — Hester

Amazing Benefits of  

Soar to Success

💥  You make decisions without hesitation

💥  You get clear, confident and focused

💥  You connect with your helpful spirit guide

💥  You gain access to spiritual guidance any time 24/7

💥  You discover how to manoeuver your ordinary reality

💥  You create safe and sacred spaces to share your life experiences

💥  You learn powerful tools and practices to step further into your power

💥  You explore ways to develop thoughts and actions that create the life you desire

Shiela has a way of taking what I say and reflecting it back to me in ways that are really helpful and empowering. And she has given encouragement that I have really needed.  – Molly Peebles, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author

Shiela Baker opened up a whole new world to me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve moved to the place of my dreams, started my own business and no longer rely on a cane.  – Sally O’Brien, Founder, My Inner Lighthouse

Meet Shiela

Shiela is brilliant at helping people move from stuck to Unstoppable.

Shiela is an author of 2 books on Shamanic Journeying and has taught thousands of people to use the shamanic journey for important life questions and to live a life divinely inspired.

She helps you bust out of bogus beliefs, discover your personal spiritual relationship, and thrive in alignment with your true purpose.

When you do what you love with people you love, that’s bliss!

For more information, schedule a call with Shiela


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