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Do you feel like “something” is missing in your life? Have you experienced long term depression? And in spite of every effort you’re still stuck? Does this sound like you?

Soul loss is a natural coping mechanism to shock – like car accidents, physical, emotional, or sexual trauma – like births, deaths and something as seemingly insignificant as a 5 year old not getting invited to a birthday party. Everyone, yes everyone, has soul loss!

Soul Retrieval is a three-step process of recovering and returning your lost parts to you. This effectively restores your vital essence, your life force, by bringing back soul parts that fragmented off at the time of the event. Soul Retrieval involves me, the Shaman, bringing soul parts back then assisting you to integrate them into your life.

Soul Integration is the unification of you and your returning soul parts into your current life so that you feel more whole, more happy and more healthy. You feel grounded, balanced and energetic. And people ask you if you’ve lost weight or had a hair cut!! Other people notice. And your life has more vitality and you have more energy.

Perhaps a piece of your soul is lost and ready to return home.  Let’s see!

Symptoms of Soul Loss are similar to PTSD and include but not limited to:




Unresolved grief

Not feeling like yourself

Problems in relationships

Feeling empty or disconnected

Soul loss is a natural response to trauma. Trauma can cause you to lose interest in things like food, sex, other people, daily chores, life in general or projects. Traumatic events such as auto or other accidents, marriage or divorce, surgery or violence can result in soul loss. You might also experience symptoms such as depression, anger, feeling stuck, becoming bitter, being lethargic or apathetic.

In shamanic terms all illness, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is considered a disconnect from spirit. You can imagine soul loss like an orange with segments which can be split off and separated from the whole. Most often soul parts return spontaneously. However, when the trauma is severe or occurs over a long period of time, the soul segments will not return on their own and the symptoms of PTSD/soul loss occur.

Soul retrievals occur when a Shaman journeys on your behalf.  Information as well as the fragmented soul parts come back. Once the Shaman returns your lost soul parts, your personal healing journey begins: welcoming home, integrating, caring for and honoring these long forgotten parts. This is the Soul Integration bit. And we do this together.

Bliss, Shiela

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