Spiritual Tools for Your Trip

Sacred Journey Drumming 45 min mp3

The heart of shamanism is being able to travel into alternate realms and bring back useful, practical and healing guidance. This realm, also known as the quantum field of infinite possibilities, is available to any one!

Before you begin your journey I call in the directions for you. The constant rhythmic drumbeat allows your mind to quiet and drop into a theta state so you can access insights from the quantum field.

Your very own personal spirit guide waits there with answers and solutions.

In this relaxed state you experience transformational information. You expand your spiritual, emotional and physical growth. As well you discover new ways of perceiving and behaving. No longer responding in old ways you create happiness.


Shamanic Journey for a Protection Guide – 1 hour

Shiela calls in the seven directions preparing you for a shamanic journey to ask for protection.

Energetic protection is vitally important in doing spiritual exploration. Meet helpful allies and discover simple practical and discrete (you can do this in a restaurant!) methods you can easily remember and use to combat any uncomfortable circumstance.

Effective proactive ways to “put up your shield” do exist and you can feel safe anywhere. Spirit Guides, allies and angels are ready, willing and able to assist you.

But you’ve got to ask. Let me show you how to put up protection!


Power Animal & Spirit Guide Shamanic Journey – 1 hour

You do not need to be a shaman to have Power Animals or Spirit Guides! Everyone has them – animal spirits travel with you adding to your power and protecting you from illness. Whether you know it or not!

Shamans believe that every thing – animate or inanimate – carries power and wisdom. Power Animals are helping spirits that are with you through out your whole life.

However, Spirit Guides come for a certain event or circumstance in your life. When that’s complete, they are free to go on to help others.

Let me take you on a journey to find yours!

Your guide brings you its wisdom. For example, a Hawk Spirit Guide has the wisdom of perspective, the ability to “rise above a situation, see more clearly and have objectivity.”  

Shamanic journeys create an experience that offers information along with practical tools to overcome obstacles and challenges. You create a bond with your guide who wants your highest and best or better.

shiela@shamanweaver.com for a 20 minute complimentary consultation


Guided “15 minutes to Bliss” Meditation

Inhale and exhale your way to letting go of any dis stress or dis ease in your body.  Travel through your body on conscious airwaves.

Allow my voice and your breath to bring ease and grace to any stress filled day.



Grounding Meditation – beautiful 8 minute meditation

Make yourself comfortable, take a deep breath, and feel your feet on the floor. Then prepare to clear the path to being fully present.

Listen to Shiela’s soothing voice to feel centered, steady and aware.


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