Ready to journey with me? A journey may seem like an individual adventure however, there is much insight to be gained for you from my journeys. I hope it brings you insight and enjoyment!

The Process

The journey begins in a birch bark Spirit canoe. On the right I invite Male Ancestors, for me the Bear and the Female Ancestors on my left, my Native American Grandmother Elder.

My Guide is in the bow and my Crystal Formation as Protection behind. Stating my intention I use all my senses so as to not miss anything. A monotonous drumbeat helps me travel into non-ordinary reality.

The Journey

Sitting in my canoe we pull away from the shore and meander through the reeds. Wetlands are alive with birds and all manner of insects but nothing bothers us!

Bear and Grandmother dangle their hands in the water as we slowly drift along. There is no rush in our journey today.

We are here to see what our heart desires.

I stand and the ancestors keep the canoe in balance. Snake swims up along side batting his eyes at us, giggling Grandmother and I stroke his sides. He dives beneath the surface leaving only a ripple behind.

A red wing black bird calls out to us from a rush pulling our attention to an area of sweet grass. Enticing smells draw us to land. It has been a long time since we walked together.

Bear sniffs the air and lumbers off. Excited crows caw to us; looking upward Hawk soars above flashing the red tail.

We hear friends who are tending a fire just down the shore. Many days pass as we stay and play taking our leisure sharing good food, songs and drumming. The journey ends with our good-byes and vows to reunite soon. Gratitude to the guides and ancestors.

Understanding and Making This Journey Useful

All Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken. I have developed a way of interpreting journeys using five Archetypes. By focusing on these five aspects we have a framework for interpreting and using this important information.

By focusing on five archetypes (the Visionary, Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Magician) we have a framework for interpreting and using this important information.

  • Visionary is me as I am having the journey.
  • Warrior – I stand in the canoe and my ancestors keep me safe and in balance.
  • Teacher – By following my sense/heart I end up in the company of friends. Follow your heart!
  • Healer – There is a lot of focus on smells in this journey, allow yourself to be enticed by aromas.
  • Magician – Remember to laugh and be playful. Take time to see all that there is to see: birds, insects, fire, and friends.

Shamanic journeys have lessons, healing and actions to be taken. Journeying is a powerful therapeutic tool. Each person experiencing a journey gains a unique perspective and insight.

Participating in and listening to others’ journey experiences can help you gain insight into your own life and act upon those insights.

This is a leisurely journey with time for all the senses. Touch – in stroking the Snake. Smell – in the scent of fire. Sight – in spotting the Hawk. Taste – in sharing meals with friends. Audio – in the cawing of crows. Intuition – in beginning the journey in the first place.

We had the spaciousness to walk on the shore and find our friends and then the good sense to spend time with them before returning to ordinary reality.

What do you find relevant for your life in this journey?

Would you like to enter the worlds in non-ordinary reality, find answers and action steps? I can show you how. Message me.

Bliss Shiela

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