Are you ready to journey with me? Let’s take a leisurely summertime journey. Journeying is a powerful therapeutic tool. I hope it brings you healing and enjoyment!

I am sitting at the edge of the water, waves lapping at the grass, birds calm, as day becomes evening. Firecrackers explode as we near the Fourth of July.

Non-ordinary reality mingles with ordinary reality and I am aware that I can choose which to pay attention to.

Hmmm, what would you do? Fireworks are things of enchantment to me; think of Gandalf lighting up the night sky.

And yet there’s so much more in non-ordinary reality: purple skies, unknown territories, beings of extraordinary height and intelligence and small beings who have a tree village with twinkle lights and aerial acrobatics.

I close my eyes and my humble canoe shapeshifts into a big yacht with lights blazing, music wafting across the waves to my ears. I am once again enchanted.

 Journey with Shiela

A small craft carries me to a hammock chair where I am lifted into the air and lowered gently onto the deck. It’s no ordinary deck; it’s moss and ever so soft to the touch and so many colors of green.

What a feast for the senses, I have never smelled moss before and it’s quite delicious. Soft and cushy, fragrant and colorful beneath my feet.

Everyone is already onboard: My Male Ancestor, Bear has a fancy, big, floppy, white tie. My Female Ancestor, Grandmother has an exquisite golden turban that captivates my attention.

Peacock, as my Guide, is splendid with his tail feathers spread out. And the Protection Crystals create a lovely concave seat. I sit.

The crystal seat begins to spin, it’s quite exhilarating. I am giggling and a bit dizzy. We slow down and a porcupine waddles up, stands on its hind legs, and sings a beautiful Italian song. Then he waddles away.

That makes me most curious about what else is on this yacht, who does it belong to? Where are the hosts of this gathering?

Being me, I get up to wander around. Looking toward the bow I notice a mist, kind of like a veil, so naturally I am drawn to this.

A few steps forward and the mist thickens and is heavy upon my shoulders. Undaunted I continue; on the other side of the misty veil is clarity, bright lights and some kind of a photo shoot, like a movie being filmed.

There are all the things you’d expect, a big boom, someone with a megaphone and of course a train station. Hmmm, a train station?

A very old-fashioned train plummets smoke into the sky and people scurry to get on board. Naturally, I join them. We are all going somewhere together! To me, the destination doesn’t seem important only that we’re together.

And with an “All aboard” we chug off. 🚉

Looking around I notice that no one looks at all like me. We are an alien crew. Legs are tentacles, heads are butts and while it’s amusing it’s also kind of scary.

What have I done? Jumped on board without a moment’s thought about where I am going or with whom?

However, a conductor comes along offering drinks and snacks; I am content. Somehow we can communicate with all those heads and butts… And we’re a merry lot.

Everyone (is there an every one?) is friendly as we humans like to think of ourselves and they are humming softly. I wonder about the humming and soon notice that my already altered state of being in a journey is even more altered. I can hum with the best of them.

Humming feels wonderful to my body, my muscles relax, my heart eases and my busy mind stills, not to nothingness but to peace and bliss and ease. I can see things more clearly.

With this clarity I have the sense of non importance; no one thing is more than any other. Looking around there are many beings floating and some crawling, all at ease with each other, no friction, no better than. Only being…

Then I am in the center and they are all humming at me. From above myself and within myself I am hummed. This brings about a true sense of non doing. Just being.

I am not sure if I am floating or standing and there’s no need to know. I just am. And yet I am not.

My old sense of where is my body in time and space are not relevant here on this train. They have no meaning.

Basking in this new sense of no sense, I am amused and start laughing. Apparently laughter is new to these creatures and with wide eyes and mouths they try it out.

Laughter fills the air in all kinds of new ways. One’s laughter is buzzing, another’s is screeching and there are many more too numerous to catch. Cacophony of sounds abounds but it doesn’t matter that one is different from another we just are laughing.

The conductor comes by with an “Everyone off” and we disembark. But we’re where we began at the train station.

I am the only one that gets off. All the others wave and the train pulls away. I am left standing on the platform.

Bear and Grandmother and Peacock and my Crystal seat are all there. “My goodness,” says Grandmother, “You are radiant.” And I feel so. 💥

The journey ends as it began, at the edge of the water with waves lapping. Aho

What did you notice from the journey? What lessons did you see and how can you use this in your life?

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Bliss Shiela

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