WILD – Here’s what you can expect


The Spirits of Nature lend clarity to uncovering your long-forgotten dreams. For they have not forgotten!

Years ago you had a yearning, a desire, a longing, that got quietly tucked away for later.

Well, after last year, later is NOW.

It’s apparent that the old way of being isn’t working. It’s not serving you, and it’s not serving anyone else either!

What to do??? Go wild…

WILD  –  Women Igniting Long-forgotten Dreams – VIRTUAL RETREAT   Friday 6:30pm to Sunday 4pm Pacific

How’s it going to work? We gather at 6:30pm to 8:30 on Friday and Saturday and Sunday at 10am to 4pm.

Friday evening you indulge in a luxurious Sound bath then tumble into bed excited for what Saturday and Sunday bring.

Saturday and Sunday’s Shamanic Journeys deepen your experience with Spirit Guides you may already know and others waken your deep disregarded desires. They even show you steps to take to rekindling your long-forgotten dreams…

Over the weekend you’ll be guided in a Medicine Walk that is like a mini Vision Quest – a special personal question will be answered!

You have the opportunity this weekend to create your very own Medicine Shield – the YOU’RE IN email has all the details

This “time out of time” is the quiet you need to rediscover and focus on the seeds you want to plant for the next phase of your life.

So sign up now!

MID ACTION FEE $647 until 3/10 at 12am Pacific

SLOW ACTION FEE $777  3/11 – 3/19

Excited to see you.

Bliss Shiela

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