Shamanic Offerings

Shaman Priestess, Goddess, Author, Spiritual Teacher and Healer

In 1997 I quit my soul-sucking psychotherapy job to follow my BLISS. Now, with the shamanic journey process, the MOST POWERFUL THERAPEUTIC METHOD in the world, I help you heal, grow, and evolve into the masterful Queen of Your Dreams!

Born with gifts, a near-death experience at five brought them to life. I bring The Body (Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy) & the Medical world (trained Nurse), The Mind (psychotherapist), & The Spirit (I am a Shaman) together for your wholistic healing.

Misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and epilepsy at 19, I overcame those, as well as anxiety AND depression, without traditional therapy or pharmaceuticals. After studying the brain-body connection, energy healing, and metaphysics for more than 40 years The Dream Queen Program was birthed. 

Being a surviver of mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive relationships led me to seek spiritual guidance outside of religions. In Shamanism I found the Deep Connection to Nature that brings… Divine guidance! 

Leaving family and friends in Canada I moved to pursue my education and passions, so I walk my talk. I am real and authentic.

Because I am a coach, a guide, an author, a shamanic healer, and an UNSTOPPABLE Diva. I know how to help you become irresistible to yourself and ALL of your dreams. I believe that your desires are the Spirit calling through you; they are not selfish impulses but wishes that are meant to and can be fulfilled.

When you fall back in LOVE with your dreams, you design the lifestyle you want with grace and ease. I show you how to craft your ideas into reality. No matter what the world throws at you - you do come alive as you dance to the beat of your own magic. I know this FOR SURE.

Heal your old wounds, find your passions and joy so you are irresistible to success! Transform your dreams into reality, gorgeous Queen. I show you how in just 12 weeks – BAM cuz I do it over and over 

text (425) 750-0510 OR book a call today and take the first step towards creating a life filled with the abundance, courage, and creativity you desire!


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