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Be Unstoppable

I’m Shamanweaver, Shiela Baker, over 20 years ago I was stuck in a soul sucking day job. Right after my first Vision Quest I quit! Now, I live on the beach doing what I love, helping people just like you become Unstoppable.

Let me be your guide. You invision your purpose, discover how to live with more passion and abundance. You manifest the lifestyle that suits you!

InnerVisioning is the Art of creative manifestation. You dive deep within to create. Shamanic shapeshifting is the process you use to achieve any goal. My passion is helping you expand in every way! All aspects of your life change because your creativity is unbounded.

About Me

A near death experience at 5, unknowingly this opened a doorway.  I saw and knew things – insights, hunches and visions – things most people don’t see. I had no words for this, only a deep knowing of this unusual truth and a profound reverence for The Divine. 

It’s my joy, my passion and my Bliss to share my wisdom. I can help free you from the chains that bind you no matter what they are or how long you have had them.

Bliss Shiela 

Shiela at Rosicrucian Center 2016

InnerVisioning Program

From stuck to Unstoppable

8 Weeks of Interactive Sessions Online

Learn why NOW is the best time to unleash your full potential

Discover the Power of knowing how living your life with purpose is crucial. Gain the courage, confidence and clarity to become Unstoppable.

Bring your unique gifts to the World.

Shiela in Bali 2006

Shiela on Camano Island 2017

Soul Retrieval

Do you feel like “something” is missing in your life? Have you experienced long term depression? And in spite of every effort you’re still stuck?

Many situations in life can cause parts of your soul to fragment and leave you with an emptiness. In three sessions we bring back soul fragments, help you to integrate them, and feel more connected.

Akashic Records

It’s a field of energy that contains all the knowledge of everything – your past, present and all possible futures. You can ask anything.

The Records help you heal any problems life brings you. Boost your energy and get loving insights from a different vantage point to transform any situation.

Shiela Autumn 2009

Shiela on her beach 2018

Shamanic Counseling

Are you lost? Do you feel anxious and confused? I am here for you

My unique counseling style involves Shamanic practices blended with my experience as a psychotherapist and Nurse. I left western therapy methods behind when I discovered that shamanic techniques helped my clients more than talk therapy!

Text 425.750.0510 or email for a Free 20-minute consultation to see if it’s right for you.

Spiritual Tools for Your Trip

Meditations and guided journeys designed by me personally.

Follow the rhythmic drumbeat as you journey in connecting to your spirit guides.


Shiela’s Abundance Ceremony 1999



Journeys of Transformations Book

ShamanWeaver Shiela Baker Podcasts

Meditations and Journeys

The ShamanWeaver Experience

What makes my heart sing? Hearing these beautiful tales of SUCCESS.

Hester Morrissey, Integrative Medicine Health Coach

Learning to use the Shamanic Journey for direction and to trust the guidance I received expanded my business sense beyond anything I learned in business school.

Molly Peebles, Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Author

Shiela has a way of taking what I say and reflecting it back to me in ways that are really helpful and empowering. And she has given encouragement that I have really needed.

Sally O’Brien, Founder, My Inner Lighthouse

Shiela Baker opened up a whole new world to me that I didn’t know existed. I’ve moved to the place of my dreams, started my own business and no longer rely on a cane.

Text 425.750.0510 or email for a Free 20-minute consultation to see if it’s right for you.

Handfasting Ceremony 2015

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