Shamanic Offerings

The Dream Queen Program

As a 12-week program, The Dream Queen Program gives you powerful spiritual guidance and the space to explore and nurture your own beautiful Self in every aspect of your life. It connects the wisdom of you, your inner sacred voice, and the emerging power of your authentic Queen I AM Self.
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This deep shamanic journey experience is dedicated to helping you tap into your dreams and discover your passion with intention, your purpose with prosperity, and your direction to manifest your own personal unique lifestyle.

Every week, you enjoy unique personal guidance so you can integrate the teachings. These are specifically crafted for you and together you are supported in this vulnerable yet powerful time. You are divinely guided through ways that positively and deeply nurture your true Self. And so, the first step is for you to commit 12 dedicated weeks—yes, only 12!—to yourself. Yes, it is a significant commitment, but a journey such as this can and does completely change your life and open the door to unimaginable potential.

A strong element of The Dream Queen Program is me standing with you to a place of self-knowledge while we may ignite long forgotten dreams. Ones that you thought you were gone cuz you’re too old, too young, not good enough and so on…

BUT you are feeling the urge for more. When you know what your non-negotiables, priorities and values are you KNOW that for sure you are, worth it. AND you know that this is the right time.

I cultivate a vibrant community that is supportive, curious, and constantly evolving and is an important element of feeling nurtured, encouraged, and accountable. Any fears or self-doubts that come up can be shared in a safe and gentle space, creating an even more supportive environment while completing this journey.

IT ALL BEGINS with a free consultation – yes, free cuz free is the way to be! So, BOOK A CALL and let’s see what we can uncover about your DESIRE for more…

Bliss, Shiela


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