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Journeys of Transformation Book

This is a manual for learning and using the shamanic journey process for deep healing. Spirit guides are willing and able to offer insight into any circumstance, BUT you must ask for their help. 

This book goes beyond just teaching you a way to access spiritual guidance and offers other tools as well. 

Begin by connecting with a Spirit Guide to learn about the journey's process. Travel to the four cardinal directions so you know what the East, South, west, and North mean uniquely to you. There are many good lessons to be explored in each of the four directions.

Expand your knowledge of the sky father and Earth Mother and directly experience your connection with the center, all that is, God, Goddess, or however you see IT.

Journey to your Male and Female ancestors; many have walked this way before. Learn about Protection and what it means to you to feel safe.

This Journeys of Transformation book will help you move through your life more easily knowing that you are Divinely inspired, guided, and protected. 



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