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Craft Your Dream Life with the Magic of Shamanic Journeys

Welcome to my transformative 6-week online course! Each module is delivered directly to your inbox, followed by a live 90-minute Q&A and journey session every week.

Watch my 8-minute video to unlock the ancient wisdom of shamanic practices and embark on a transformative 6-week journey to connect with your true self and discover your life’s purpose.
Experience deep inner harmony and healing through guided shamanic journeys, practical exercises, and powerful rituals designed to foster personal growth and abundance.

Join my live weekly sessions for personalized guidance, community support, and an immersive exploration into the magic of shamanic wisdom. 

Transform your life from the inside out and create a future filled with clarity, joy, and purpose – all with the timeless power of shamanic journeys.

Course Overview

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation through shamanic practices. This course is designed to help you connect with your inner self, release blockages, nurture inner harmony, transform relationships, embrace abundance, and integrate these lessons so you can Craft your Dream Life.

Weekly Modules

Week 1: Foundations of Self-Discovery - Find Your Spirit Guide

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Shamanic Principles
    • Honoring the Ancestors, Respect for All Beings
    • The Importance of Protection
    • The Value of Burden Baskets
    • The Wisdom of Ancestors
    • The Beauty of Altars
    • The Necessity of Sacred Space
  • Lesson 2: Guided Journey to Connect with Your Inner Self – 4 Mistakes
  • Lesson 3: Reptilian Brain Massage
  • Objective: Lay the groundwork for self-discovery through shamanic practices.
  • Resources: Book PDF, Sacred Drumming MP3, Protection Video

Week 2: Aligning with Your Essence – Define Your Non-Negotiable Beliefs and Priorities

  • Lesson 1: Identifying and Releasing Blockages
    • Explore priorities and passionate purpose
    • Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and realational
  • Lesson 2: Shamanic Journey for Clarity on Life Purpose
  • Objective: Use shamanic tools to remove obstacles and align with your life purpose.
  • Resources: Bust Your Bogus Beliefs PDF, Reptilian Brain Massage

Week 3: Nurturing Inner Harmony – Peace in Every Moment

  • Lesson 1: Bust Your Bogus Beliefs
  • Lesson 2: Integrating Spirit Animal Wisdom into Daily Life
    • Soul Searching Questions for your ideal lifestyle
    • Daily rituals for integrating your
  • Objective: Eliminate soul-sucking beliefs and cultivate inner harmony through shamanic journeying with spirit animals.
  • Resources: Bust Your Bogus Beliefs eBook

Week 4: Transformative Relationships – Write, Burn, and Bury the Old Story

  • Lesson 1: Shamanic Journey for Healing Relationships
    • Define desire and explain how want means lack
    • Explore shamanic techniques to transform and enhance your relationships with everything from money to mates
  • Lesson 2: Forgiveness Ritual for Cultivating Positive Interactions
  • Objective: Explore shamanic techniques to transform and enhance your relationships.
  • Resources: eBook and Ceremony for completing the old story and writing a new one

Week 5: Embracing Abundance – Open to All the Good the Universe Has for You

  • Lesson 1: Abundance Mindset Journey
    • Ask and trust that your cosmic order is being filled
    • Future guidance with a 1:1 session, the Dream Queen Program, Soul Retrieval or Akashic Records
  • Lesson 2: 8 Practical Steps for Manifestation
  • Objective: Combine shamanic practices with personal development tools to foster an abundance mindset.
  • Resources: Spiritual Manifestation eBook, Wolf Abundance Ceremony

Week 6: Integration and Celebration – Life Built on Trust and Magic

  • Lesson 1: Review and Reflect on Personal Growth
    • Rewards as a way of celebration
    • Future guidance with my 1:1 session, Dream Queen Program, Soul Retrieval or Akashic Records
  • Lesson 2: Closing Ceremony with Shamanic Rituals
  • Objective: Integrate the lessons learned and celebrate the journey's completion.

"I've explored shamanic journeys and meditation on my own, but lacked a structured approach and guidance. That's why I resonated deeply with the course and eagerly joined to gain the necessary skills for my spiritual journey. Receiving your MP3 and other resources has been transformative. Now, I feel equipped and confident to navigate my spiritual journeys with clarity and understanding."

"Your videos, Shiela, were filled with wisdom that resonated deeply with me. They helped me see new facets of my spiritual journey and inspired me to learn and grow with the insights you shared. Crafting my dream life has been a constant struggle, but your guidance and the MP3 have been invaluable. They've given me direction and clarity during challenging times, empowering me to move forward."


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